Thursday, February 6, 2014


It is cold outside! Worse still it is cold INSIDE! No matter how many layers I wear, I'm still cold. Can't afford to turn the heat up. Doing the best I can with clothes and blankets. Rascal is fine. He comes with insulation. He's also enjoying the blankets.

With any extreme weather, the pain is horrible. Besides suffering from systemic lupus, I also have arthritis and other illnesses that are affected. Extreme cold and extreme heat prevent me from functioning. My place needs to be cleaned, but I'm in too much pain.

So I curl up with a book, glasses and a magnifying glass (comes with the territory now that lupus has almost destroyed my sight), a warm blanket, wearing gloves because I can no longer feel my hands, and occasionally look out the window at the soft white snowflakes fall drift to the ground. Beautiful snow.

Years ago I loved a rainy day. It was soothing. Now it is painful. Snowy days are soothing. Even though the kids have been out of school more than in since the first of the year, I have barely seen one outside. I'm sure cabin fever is setting in with them.

I do miss flowers. How I wish I had bought some hyacinth bulbs so that they could be filling the room with sweet scent right now. I miss my plants, flowers, etc.

Just longing for a day when I can accomplish something, when the pain subsides enough for me to do small things around the house. Until then I have to accept the fact lupus has taken control once more.


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