Monday, March 24, 2014

How To Type With a Cat in Your Lap and Other Thoughts

He must have radar. Every time I start writing an entry, here comes Rascal! Plenty of room for him to sit, but he has to sit on my lap. The computer get side swiped. Many times I have to take off the random letters he adds to the mix. Don't you know cats have to touch the keyboard while you type?

This morning a beautiful little calico cat showed up on my doorstep. A real chatterbox! He ate for an hour. He's take a moment to rub my legs and talk and then return to the bowl. This poor kitty was starving. I can't help but wonder why people don't care enough to share food with an animal.

I am then reminded most people don't care about other people let alone a starving little cat. Lack of action shows this. Lord, please don't ever let me be guilty of not helping another person or animal in need.


And now I come to "Noah," the movie coming to theaters this weekend. Big debate on whether to support it or not. This morning I heard a news segment that said God is not mentioned in the entire movie. He's referred to creator a couple of times. Considering the fact that God spoke to Noah, guided him in building the Ark, and told him what to do, it is a shame they left Him out of the story.

As for me, I do not want to see a film that takes God out of the account and was written and directed by an atheist. Simply a ploy to make money. You have to stand up for your beliefs or you fall for anything. Going along with the crowd just won't do it. Am I a minority in this? Probably, but I will not support a film telling an account from the Bible while they leave God out of it.

If this director/writer had come to know God is real through this experience, I'm glad for him. Otherwise it is merely an attempt to pull Christians and their money into their blockbuster pocket.


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