Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Oh The Pain!!

Snow came through yesterday. It snowed then melted then snowed again. Beautiful! I LOVE snow, but the cold is really getting to me. With my heating bill being so high last month, I turned off the heat a couple of weeks ago and just turned to blankets. Last night the temp fell to 15 degrees. It was brutal inside!

My apartment is freezing cold. The only way to survive it is to put layers on and wear gloves. It is colder inside than it is outside. The weather report says it will be 15 degrees tonight and 28 degrees tomorrow night. Spring is trying hard to plant its feet in KY. It just keeps falling back ten steps for every two it springs forward.

With the cost of my medications going up, my fixed income went down. Add the bitter winter weather to the mix. I'm tapped out. So do I freeze to death or die from lack of medication? Do I live on ramen noodles or do without altogether? When you have a chronic illness with multiple physical issues, it does come down to choices: buy food, pay for heat or pay for medications. Which one do you eliminate?

I'm in extreme pain today due to the slide in weather. One extreme to the other. It has been hard to walk a few steps from my bedroom to the kitchen to the bathroom. I find myself swimming in worry once again. Will I make it to the end of the month? Even if I do, the income next month is still fixed.

So I put on my gloves, wear layers, and wrap up in blankets. I put a blanket over my cat to keep him warm. Then I pray for help, miracles, and warmer weather.

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