Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pushing Along

It appears life is a struggle of pushing along. No matter what happens, you push along through the day. If you're healthy, keep going!

Even when you're not healthy, you have to push yourself through each day no matter what may come. I'm in extreme pain every day of my life. It is a struggle to do day to day things like wash dishes, push a vacuum, even take a shower. What most people take for granted, I'm thankful for the smallest thing I can accomplish.

Yesterday I stepped outside my enclosed lonely world and went to Lexington with a friend. It was raining and cold and the pain was intense. I had to sit down quite a bit to relieve the pain in my spine (thanks spinal stenosis!). But I needed to get out, to talk to a friend, to get past the prison of four walls. Today the pain is extreme in my back and legs, but I'm thankful I pushed along yesterday. I'm also thankful for chairs!

It is still a bit cold here which means my apartment is freezing. Some spring temps are coming the first part of the week even though the cold is not gone yet. No matter how freezing cold it is in my apartment, I'm so thankful for an electric blanket. I've spent many days underneath it this winter. Much has gone to the wayside because the cold has held me prisoner, but I'm looking forward to the few days ahead where I can open the windows a bit.

As each day passes in my life, I learn to be thankful for the small things: daffodils and tulips growing around me, birds, a touch of warm sun from time to time, a roof over my head, the kindness of animals, and opportunities even though they are very rare these days.

Life is one day at a time now. Whatever I can accomplish sitting down, I accomplish. On days I cannot function due to extreme pain, I stop, release the worry of not being able to do anything and rest.


For those who are still undecided about seeing the movie, "Noah," I'm sharing this synopsis:

When they said "Loosely based on the Bible," they weren't kidding! I'm glad I decided NOT to see it.

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