Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Feeling The Pain!

I'm feeling the pain of this weather! When the humidity shoots up, the "elephant" sits on my body! It hurts! Rain is coming back tonight and a cold front Thursday. Amazing! 

It was warmer today. Reached 80 degrees. I had to get out to pick up a CD of my test results to take to the doctor tomorrow. So we wandered around Goodwill and ate lunch then picked up some food from Walmart. While out I saw a turtle cross the road (made it across - people were kind!) and a goose sitting on the side of the road. No babies though. Horses were out in full swing. Seems like there are lots of babies this year. 

I feel the pain of withdrawal as I'm taken off a medication. Have been taking it over 15 years. Adjusting to the cymbalta is hard, too. I wake up in the morning shaking all over. Will be glad when readjustment period is over. 

Tomorrow is my doctor's appointment. The swollen lymph node is still there. The small thyroid, too. Will be interesting to find out what he thinks. Just want some peace in knowing this node is not cancerous. 

Have realized today I need to find another place to live. I can't go through another freezing winter in this apartment. College and Seminary people are wrapping up for the summer so hopefully many places will be open. Worries me that I don't have enough for a deposit. Most renters want first month and deposit upon agreement to move in. So I'm praying for an open door and deposit/rent. 

My appointment is at 8:45 a.m. in Lexington so I'm heading to bed early and pray I can sleep.

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