Sunday, April 13, 2014


No matter how old I get, I still become homesick from time to time. It hits me when I least expect it. Even though it is heavier around the holidays, a simple dream can take me back to my childhood. No matter how bad things were, it was still home.

I've felt homesick a great deal lately. Unfortunately, going "home" is not an option for me because my family passed away nearly twenty years ago. Home hasn't been home for a long time.

A friend shared this on her facebook page. Brought all those tears to the surface again. I can't help but wonder if I were able to go back to the house where I grew up, would it help me heal from all the pain I experienced there? This song really touched my heart:

Even though the grass is green (and needing to be cut I might add), flowers are springing forward and rain showers come out of nowhere, we are going to hit low temperatures once again in KY. The weather report said not to be surprised if we see snowflakes.  With the hard fall from 83 degrees to the low 30's once again, my body will feel the affects strongly. It will hurt!

******It is a hard month financially. Selling items on Ebay to buy food for the kitties. Please take a moment to look:

I wanted to share Spring with you in some of my own flowers. If you don't get flowers, plant your own. So I did.




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