Thursday, April 24, 2014

UPDate on Scan, Dr. Appts and New Meds

What a day! Rheumatologist appointment went well. Turned in the paperwork for assistance in getting the lupus medication that costs $28,000 a year. No assistance, no med. Dr. faxed all the paperwork. Once approved (and I'm praying here), I will go into Lexington to the Infusion Center of St. Joseph Hospital once a month for an IV infusion. If this will relieve the extreme pain I am experiencing, I'll try it.

Added a new medicine today: Cymbalta for pain. Hoping this helps, too.

Received test results this afternoon. Undetermined on the lymph node. Thyroid smaller than normal due to medication over the years. Sending me to an ENT to determine whether I need a biopsy on the node. Never knew they were the ones who did this. Dr. office will call Friday or Monday with date and time.

The good part was no goiter. Now we have to decide what's going on with the lymph node. Still swollen and painful. One more medical bill! One more medicine! Yikes this is crazy!

My friend, Susan, took me in today. She's a retired nurse and understands all this stuff and that helps. We had a nice lunch at Cracker Barrel and walked around Hobby Lobby for a little while afterwards. When I arrived home, I couldn't stand up for a long time.

Wish I could sleep like Rascal. He crawls onto the back of the love seat and falls asleep immediately. My mattress is so old and so bad that I can get comfortable for an hour or two and then I have to get up. Turn it around every month. Wish it was one I could flip. Thought about buying a queen size padded mattress cover, but they cost too much. If I ever get ahead, I'll put some aside for a good one.

Rain is coming in tonight and I've felt the swelling and pain all day. My right wrist is wrapped because it feels so fragile. Dr. determined all of my joints were swollen today. With the rain coming in, the pain will keep me awake. Wouldn't it be nice to curl up on a bed that eased every pressure point?! What must that be like?

It has been a week of pushing myself with tests and doctors. I pushed myself today because I knew I wouldn't have to go back for two months. Now I have another appointment soon. When lupus is flaring (along with fibromyalgia), I have to see the doctor every two months. My other MD is every three months.

Wish I could be normal enough to sit in the sun just one day, but sitting in the sun would put me in the hospital.

Thankfully the day is over for me. I'll crawl into bed for as long as I can stand it, get up and sit on the love seat and swap back and forth until the pain subsides.

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