Sunday, May 25, 2014

Emergency Room Visit - What A Waste of Time!

I'm miserable, swollen, huge sores that are now infected. Went to the ER this afternoon. Saw three different people taking paperwork information. One person touched me - the nurse taking my blood pressure and temp.

The doctor walked in and asked why I was there. I showed him the huge sores, infected sores, and told him I was told it was vasculitis two years ago. I asked him if he thought so.

He said, "I have lupus, too, and I'll just give you prednisone. Always makes me feel better." Really??? Two minutes at the foot of my bed if that long. Never examined me. Never touched me.

I spent the next hour waiting for someone to come into the room. She had check out papers with a prescription for 50 mg. tablets of prednisone, something I've never taken at once! Told me that was it.

I then had to wait longer to get my insurance cards back. No one came in so I went to the desk. No one even looked up at me when I tried to get their attention. I finally found my insurance cards and left. Unbelievable!

I filled the prednisone and broke up the huge pills into pieces. Bought some neosporin and hope that helps the infection.

NOTE TO SELF: the Va Hospital isn't the only one ignoring people!

2nd Note to Self: NEVER go back to the ER in Nicholasville again and pray ambulances will drive to Lexington in case of an emergency!

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