Friday, May 23, 2014

My Faith in Humanity is Renewed!

Today my faith in humanity was renewed. My mailman knocked on my door and said the following:

"I noticed all the good things you've done for the cats around this neighborhood (both feeding and putting out shelter in the winter) and wanted to help. There is one who is quite loving that I'd like to have fixed and hopefully keep or find a new home for her. I try to help animals myself and have a couple of dry food bags my cats won't eat anymore. Would you like them?"

This came at a much needed time in that I've run out of funds for the month due to the cost of my medications. I gratefully took in the dry food.

We decided he'd come get her on Wednesday afternoon and take her from there. I was worried about her since she is obviously a girl and would soon reproduce at some point. She's a sweetheart. Every time I open the door, she's at my feet just wanting to be loved.

If the neighbors in the building over would stop bringing cats home and just ignoring them, there wouldn't be a big population of cats. My mailman said he rescued a cat from an apartment that was now empty. The cat was abandoned there. Breaks my heart.

Today God showed me there is still good in the world and in people who care about His creation. Now if my next door neighbor would stop telling his young son that he hates cats, dogs, birds, etc. we will be just fine. Personally I have no interest in people who work their way up the education latter simply to gain the next degree. I have more respect for a person who shows respect for God's creation and those in need. It is that person who cares enough to not only show compassion, but do something about it.

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