Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Still Being Thankful

It has been a highly stressful weekend! Still suffering from vasculitis. The blisters/sores it has produced now are infected. But I am so thankful for Neosporine! Hoping it will heal the mess they are in. After buying the prednisone and neosporine, I now have six dollars in the bank. June 3rd is still a week away! Geesh! It has been a long, expensive medical month!

I'm thankful for my friend, Chris, who drove from Lexington to take me to the ER and stayed with me. It is always stressful to go to the ER. Seems like it is even more stressful to go to the one in Nicholasville!

I'm thankful for my friend, Julie, who shared her bounty of leftovers from her catering this past weekend. As it was, I was eating canned peas, eggs, and whatever else I could scrounge from the cabinet.

I'm thankful for the mailman who knocked on my door last Friday and offered a home for the kitty who was thrown away and I am feeding. He brought me a huge bag of dry food. An answer to prayer! Kindness still exists in this world and you have to be thankful for it when it comes.

I'm so thankful for my friend, Mark. Never would have made it without his help and encouragement. True treasures are a lifetime gift.

With the heat and humidity arriving in Wilmore, and since it affects my lupus so much, I've withdrawn inside again. Today I turned on the air conditioner. With the temps going up, so will the bill.

The old saying,"Misery loves company" is not true. I am still miserable. There is no company when you are sick.

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