Saturday, May 24, 2014

To the ER Or Not?

I was in so much pain last night that I knew I had to go to the ER today. Instead I woke up and suffered it out. These horrible lupus sores or vasculitis sores or whatever are really getting to me! If I go to the ER, will I get the "put a band aid on it and go home" treatment or will I end up with a doctor who actually knows what is going on? I've had way too many band aid doctors in the past.

So I suffered it out. Tried to sleep, but just couldn't. My neighbor is having a graduation gathering next door. Lots of traffic and door slamming going on. Suppose to end at 10:00 p.m. so I'll just try again.

I always keep a record of "flares" so here's the photos. If you recognize this, please let me know. And no they are not ant bites or bug bites of any kind.



  1. What is this? Is there a treatment? I have it too.

  2. Doctors told me it was vasculitis. It usually flares for me in the spring and summer. They gave me Prednisone and antibiotics. I found Hans sanitizer works, too. As for active lupus ask your doctor about Benlysta. Given once a month by IV.