Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another Flare

With all the stress I've lived with the past week, I woke up today with another lupus flare. High fevers, swollen joints, nauseous, extreme fatigue. There is also a new rash appearing. My vasculitis lesions are starting to heal and here comes a new lupus rash!

If I could ask questions and get immediate answers from God, I'd ask the following:

Why are there so many hateful people just waiting to pounce on others?

Why can't ER doctors do their job?

Why is it that people with chronic diseases have to do so much "leg work" in their own treatment?

Why is it so few people care?

Whatever happened to compassion??

So many more questions come to mind, but would have no instant answers.

So now I'm back in bed suffering once again. Sometimes I just want to shout "GOD HELP ME!" I wish I had someone to lean on at times like this.

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