Sunday, June 29, 2014

Punishing Those Who Are Truly Sick

Tonight I watched a story on "60 Minutes" concerning the abuse in the Disability system. Although Senator Tom Coburn focused on the scammers and lawyers who are making money by passing through those who are not disabled, I also realized a horrible thing.

The news story focused on disability as the new "welfare" and that is not true. It goes back to punishing the few for the lies and stealing of the many. Labeled yet again!

Not everyone who find themselves in the disability dilemma are there to scam. Some of us are truly sick, struggling and would give anything to physically be able to hold down a job.

After many trips to the ER, one where I almost died in N. Alabama, not able to function more than two hours a day, and I mean daily function. There are many days I cannot stand in the shower, wash my dishes, or clean my home. Things every one else takes for granted, I wish I could do.

With systemic lupus plus the multitude of illnesses that have spawned from it, I can no longer feel anything past my knees. I have to concentrate to walk, if you call it walking. I can barely pull myself out of bed. Many days I wish I wouldn't wake up because it is just too hard to function.

Add to the suffering making the choice of buying food or medication. I can't help but wonder why anyone would CHOOSE to do this on purpose!

It is hard enough struggling financially, physically, emotionally, but add to it doing all of this alone. My family died almost twenty years ago. I have no one to rely on. No one to help me when I can't get out of bed. No one to help me financially.

I worked my way through college paying for every penny. Believe me when I say I did not work so hard those years to accomplish something better for myself to end up struggling like I've had to do. It was NOT a choice.

So don't label people like myself who are here not by their choice, but by no other choice to survive. Life is hard enough without the weight of false labels.

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