Monday, June 16, 2014

Well That Helps!

I heard back from the first company I applied to for assistance for the intravenous medication, Benlysta. They said I qualified for the assistance, but my prescription wasn't right. I knew better than to get my hopes up because this was the first company I went through who told me I wasn't in their system after two months.

When I called and explained what happened, I also told them their company told me they didn't produce Benlysta and couldn't help. So why was I approved? She said I could get any OTHER medicine produced by them.

Well that helps - NOT! The reason I applied was to get Benlysta, the one medication for systemic lupus. I thanked her and told her unless they cover Benlysta I had no need of their services.

Ever had a day you just wanted to scream?! There are companies out there to help with meds. They just don't want to help with the one I NEED. And I cannot afford the $28,000 it costs to get it. I can't even afford to buy food and medicine the same month!

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