Wednesday, July 9, 2014


And I don't mean in a good way! Amazing how people group everyone together when it comes to illness. Last night I was told someone I knew was going through way worse a situation than mine combined. How on earth does that person or anyone else for that matter know what situation healthwise I am in?!

I wanted to ask her the following questions:

Does the friend have family caring for her?
Does she have all the healthcare and medications she needs to survive?
Is she able to get herself to the grocery store? Doctor's office? Hospital?
Does she have a doctor who cares?
Is she loved?

All of these things make it so much easier to deal with any crisis of a health concern. When you don't have any of the things above (which I don't), it quadruples the affect of illness.

What rule of thumb did this person use to measure my struggle with someone else's? She didn't. She just flippantly told me my struggle was not as important or as difficult as the person I mentioned above.

How truly wrong she is!

I can't answer yes to any of the questions I wanted to ask. I'm overwhelmed with sickness this week simply because I was exposed to too much sun this weekend (via yard sale to pay for meds and food).

Don't do this to someone you know who is sick. You died and made you God? Who gave you the right to pass judgement on someone who is suffering alone?


Today in the news I heard of a guy who set up an account on line asking for money to pay for ingredients for him to make potato salad. It has reached over $70,000.00. I can't even find the money to pay for the rest of the Benlysta so I am unable to get the medication I desperately need.

What is wrong with this country?? Priorities are so screwed up. Someone said "people love to give." Obviously they love to give to stupid things and not much needed things. Another person said she set up an account to try to save her home and got nothing.

What is wrong with this country? People?

I can't even find money to buy cat food.


  1. Mary, I can't find your email or address where you sent it to me before, I have a package I want to send you. I've been reading your blog in a hurry lately and didn't have the time to comment about it,
    About this post, yes people will give, but only to the popular things, the things or people who are the big hit of the moment. And I try really hard to not judge anyone, we all have our struggles in life and needs and no one is more important than anyone else, sure wish people could see that.

  2. Thanks Karen. I needed to read this today.