Monday, August 11, 2014

A Way to Beat Lupus Depression

Today I just had enough of dropping and breaking dishes (lupus hands), hurting so badly my hair hurt (lupus pain), being stressed and unable to sleep due to lupus aggravation. Even though my body is hurting badly and I want to unzip it and crawl out, I am always amazed at the peace I feel inside. That comes from God. It is a gift no price tag could ever adorn!

I decided to end the day in a hot bath with Calgon and listening to Kevin Spacey sing from the soundtrack "Beyond the Sea." Great way to unwind, relax the pain, and just dream. I think so very highly of Kevin ever since I met him many years ago. His kindness and compassion was so very touching to me. He will always be a star in my book!!

Maybe the bath and songs will bring peaceful sleep and good dreams. Kevin, you can sing "Dream Lover" to me any time!!

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