Sunday, August 10, 2014

I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder why I fight so hard. Life has become difficult to maneuver alone. This crazy lupus illness has robbed me of a quality of life. I wake up and wonder if I should get out of bed at all. Seems like every day has taken over as being a bad day (especially at the holidays).

So instead of giving into this horrible mindset, I fight. I decide to go the next step and take the Benlysta treatments to control the multiple lupus flares that rob me of a quality of life. I push myself when I know I shouldn't do so. 

When I feel like nothing will ever improve and I just want to give up, I hear a still small voice telling me to "keep going." 

So I keep going. I keep hoping for results. Waiting. Hoping. Then I remind myself God still has me open my eyes for some reason every morning. There must be something in my life I must do. If it is to encourage others who suffer from this horrible disease or just have an affect by accomplishing the little things during the day.

My next Benlysta IV treatment is Friday, August 15th. I'm still suffering from the side effects from the last one, but if I can make it through the third treatment, I will only have to go once a month.

These treatments cost $28,000.00 a year. I found funding for $15,000.00. I have to come up with the last $13,000.00 on my own. 

If you would do so please share my link on your website. You'd be surprised how one act of kindness would make a huge difference. $1, $5, $10 donations add up quickly and I would appreciate every penny!

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