Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Side Effects Kicking In!

The Benlysta side effects kicked in yesterday. High fever, pain, severe headaches. But I still have hope this treatment will give me a quality of life. Problem is it costs so much and I have to raise over $13,000 to meet the need. If you haven't visited my page, please do! Share it on your website, too.

I have also found myself affected by the heat and humidity today. Not sure if I am more susceptible to the barometric pressure because my system is so weak. Yes, I feel so weak! Sometimes you have to be knocked down in order to look up. Today I feel that knock down.

I opened the window for Rascal today and he's soaking up the sunshine. When he comes out for a break, he crawls into my lap. He's a warm kitty! 

I miss being able to sit in the sun. If you weren't aware, sunshine flares lupus. I am very sensitive to it. So I have to enjoy watching Rascal soak it up for me. For those of you who are not animal lovers, I feel sorry for you. Rascal is a treasure. He's my best friend. Many days pass when I don't see or even hear from another human. But Rascal is there and I am ever so grateful for him.

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