Sunday, August 3, 2014

Unknown Future

 "Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God."  Corrie Ten Boom

Suffering from an illness like systemic lupus always brings surprises for each new day. What I once took for granted, like standing in the shower, walking a short distance, standing at the sink for more than ten minutes, etc., now becomes a challenge. Some days I fail the challenge and some rare days I win.

Our society tends to dwell in their own world. Rarely do you find people visiting someone who is alone and sick anymore. Rarely do you find neighbors taking time to stop and talk to one another. If we did, we'd find out how many needs are being overlooked, how many opportunities go by to make a difference in someone's life.

I can't help but believe God is disappointed in us when we fail to do something to help someone in need. If He said for us to go about doing good, wouldn't that include helping someone you know needs help?

I've suffered from systemic lupus for eighteen years now. It has taken its toll on my mind, spirit and body. The multitude of illnesses spawned from this disease has taken a toll as well. Even though I do this alone, I know I only have to ask God for help and He will answer. I need help!

I no longer take for granted the ability to stand up in the mornings, being able to walk across the floor, stand in the shower, be able to go outside, etc., for those things have become very difficult for me to do.

I am thankful I am able to get this lupus treatment with Benlysta and have hope that tomorrow I may be able to do more mundane things others take for granted.

As for the side effects, headaches, fevers, and nausea set in. Once it runs its course, I hope for better days.

So I'm trusting my unknown future with the known God.

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