Thursday, September 11, 2014

UPDate -

 Next Benlysta treatment is tomorrow, Friday, Sept. 12.

Saw my rheumatologist on Monday. She had hoped the Benlysta would have helped by now. She encouraged me to stick with it because sometimes it takes longer to kick in. I'm more than willing to stick with it as long as the funds hold out. Once they are gone, so is the medication.

She put me on prednisone again because there was so much inflammation in my body when I saw her. Hate the stuff but this time I have no choice but to take it. The pain has been horrible.

My friend, Amy, visited this week. We met at Asbury University over 30 years ago and have been friends ever since. Even though we ran to and fro and I enjoyed it immensely, my body is now paying for it. Today I could barely walk across the room. Back to bed!

Rain has settled in once again but brings cooler air - so thankful! Looking forward to Fall weather.

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Thank you so much!!

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