Wednesday, November 12, 2014

UPDate on Medical Stuff

I saw my doctor yesterday. She determined that the Benlysta was making me sicker than not taking the medication at all. For two weeks out of four, I'm in bed sick and weak. The other two weeks are spent with the same lupus complications. She stopped it cold.

She said I was having a lupus flare and Fibromyalgia flare all in one. She also is concerned about my lungs and the right side of my heart. I have to see another pulmonologist and then have a right heart catheterization ( pulmonary artery catheterization ). It appears to her that lupus has damaged my lungs and heart.

Will keep you updated when these events occur. I have always experienced strong side effects with every medication I've taken over the years. I usually rejoice when one medication is gone. But this time I lost one and added two - two more complications and a heart cath. At least it won't be unfamiliar territory. I've had one in the past (on the left side). Hoping they can take a look at the aneurysm while they are in there!

So the bills for Benlysta are coming in and now I'll have more medical bills to come. Is it worth it? Today I really don't know if it is.

All I can say is I'm taking one day at a time. Thank you, friends, for helping me and encouraging me. You'll never know how much this means!

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