Friday, December 26, 2014

A Christmas Day

I had dinner with a friend last night. It was an unusual Christmas dinner held at her church. With us were several homeless men who were staying the night at the church. The ministry offered is for homeless men to have a place to go on Thursday nights. Other churches cover the remaining part of the week.

Quite a few members gathered and prepared the meal. They then served it to us. It was a humbling experience.

One of the homeless men spoke to my friend explaining why he was late to arrive. He had visited his brother early in the day. Broke my heart that he had family but was having to sleep at a church on Christmas night and any other place he could find the remaining time. I could never have allowed my brother to be homeless no matter what the circumstances. I wish I could have said something to every one of their family members - love your family while they are here, look after them, home is where they are.

My mother was not the nicest person. She made it clear she never wanted another child (and told me so every day). My father became an alcoholic and our lives suffered from it. I never became close to my brother until I started college. But when time came, I took care of my mother, brother and daddy until they passed away. I'd do it all over again. I cannot begin to understand why people turn their backs on family.

I came home to a very cold apartment, but I had a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in, and food in my pantry. I am forever grateful for God's care in my life. Without Him, I could not have made it this far.

Christmas is not about gifts, parties, and family gatherings. It is about love in the purest form. Everyone deserves to be loved.

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