Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Wishes

I've made a Christmas list ever since I can remember. When I was a young child, my Daddy took care of it. Later my brother took care of it. It wasn't much, but I was thankful to receive anything. The year I turned 16, my brother couldn't afford Christmas. Neither could my Daddy. My brother gave me a Christmas record album that year. Being 16, I was disappointed, but we did have a Christmas dinner I will always remember. No matter what, my Daddy worked hard and provided for his family. 

I still have than record album even though I don't have a record player. It has been on my wish list for a lot of years. 

Now I'm alone. Parents gone. Brother gone. Other family members gone. Christmas is much harder to deal with as each year passes. 

This past Thanksgiving I just wanted one thing: to go home, the place where I grew up, crawl into my old bed, sleep for hours, wake up with my family there. I just wanted to go home. Sometimes what we want and long for cannot be given. When I feel so homesick I cannot stand it, I try to go back to good memories. 

This is my Christmas list. Even though it will not be filled physically, it is fun to make one each year. 

1. A record player

2. A folding kitchen cart -

My kitchen has such limited space that I don't have enough counter.

3.  A real Christmas tree -

Who wouldn't want one?! Of course I'd have to get a stand.

4.  Charms for my charm bracelet -

5. To go home. 

6.  A real Christmas dinner. 

7.  To be able to turn on the heat in the coldest days ahead. When your choice is food, medication or heat, guess which ones get cut.

It is always fun to make a list of wishes. Of course they are just that - wishes. If you ever give up on them, what a dark place it would be. 

Hope your wishes all come true this Christmas.

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