Friday, December 5, 2014

Cold and Wet!

It is a cold, wet day in Wilmore. Has been a cold, wet week. The little girl kitty hasn't moved off the end of the bed. Rascal is curled up on the sofa under a blanket. Buddy, who refuses to come inside, is curled up under a big, heavy blanket in a deep box on the covered porch. And I am typing this entry with gloves on! 

It is always colder inside my place than outside. About ten degrees colder. When the heat isn't running, there is a huge cold draft flowing through this place.

For those who suffer from systemic lupus, you probably have difficulties when it rains or turns cold. Stiff, painful joints, swollen joints, even physically sick in other areas. Moving to KY was my dream, but I think the winter months are going to be the death of me.

When I am able to stand at the sink, I keep the hot water flowing just to thaw out my hands. Eases some of the deep pain. 

This cold/wet period has put me in bed longer than I wanted to be. Just sometimes I wish I could live in a warm place without having to choose between medications, food, medical bills, etc. 

Today I think I'll just take a cue from the felines and wrap up in a warm blanket. Nothing will get done, of course, but at least I can stop suffering from the inside cold.

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