Monday, December 29, 2014

Sad Day

Today started out very sad for me. I found one of the neighborhood stray kitties dead in the box by the door. Was such a sweet little soul. Always made my door the last stop of his day. I saw him in the box two days ago sleeping on the warm blanket inside. He let me pet him. Wasn't there yesterday. He must have come back in the night to a warm spot and passed on.

Since I don't have anyone to help me, I pulled myself up, grabbed the shovel and dug a hole in the far part of the backyard. Took an hour to do it. Then I put the baby to rest.

I have been in pain all day - both physically and heartbroken. The only solace I can find is that the sweet little soul found a warm bed, food and water at my door before he left this world.

Every living creature deserves to be loved. Every one who dies deserves to be mourned.


  1. Poor little thing. Think of the comfort and love that you gave it. Your kindness toward animals is so touching. Sorry you had to lose him.

  2. So thankful he had a warm bed and food. He knew someone loved him before he died.