Saturday, January 3, 2015

Amazing How Dreams Catch You Off Guard

I am always amazed at how dreams can catch you off guard.

Having systemic lupus, fibro and countless other illnesses rolled into one, it is always a welcome treat to sleep a full night. Most of the time sleep eludes me, but when it comes, it comes in amazing dreams.

Walking through one setting after another - never makes sense. Even encountered my mother last night at a gathering I was in charge of handling.

But the end of the dream is what always surprises me. Kevin Spacey came to visit. People kept passing word through the crowd Kevin was there. At the end I saw him. Suddenly someone else stepped in between us and he walked out. I chased after him, "Kevin! Kevin!"

He stopped and I ran toward him to hug him. By the time I touched him, I woke up. Happens every time.

For some reason Kevin appears in my dreams, especially when life gets to be overwhelming. He's sat by my bed when I was sick. He's made sure I was looked after. We have laughed and enjoyed many encounters in dreams. But when I turn to hug him, I wake up.

We can't control our dreams or even who we dream about. However, we can welcome those comforting ones in time of struggle.

I am thankful to have hugged Kevin in the past. He's got a good heart. (see photo). But he will never know how much comfort he has brought to me in dreams. Whenever I have a dream he has appeared in, I always say a prayer for him. You can't have too many people praying for you.

Thanks, Kevin Spacey, from the bottom of my heart.


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