Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Doctor Results

Yesterday I saw a pulmonologist. He seemed good at what he does so I was kind of impressed. I still hold out opinions on doctors until I know further, but he made a good impression.

I learned more about pulmonary hypertension. If gone untreated, death occurs within three years of onset. There is no cure, but there is medication to slow it down (just like lupus). It can be caused by several things, but lupus was top on the list.

He said he leans more toward a diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension, but wants to do tests. On January 26th I go back for an x-ray, echo, and walking test. First two are easy, but walking has become difficult for me. I have shortness of breath. My chest hurts. So we will see.

He said if the pressures inside my heart show lower levels and if by some slight chance this isn't PH, there is something wrong with my lungs due to the intense clubbing of my nails.

If there is a diagnosis of PH, my next step will be heart cath on right side. They will see how everything is working or not working.

I realize it is just one more thing on the list, but it hasn't sunk in yet. I've had periods of being overwhelmed and then just coping. It would explain the shortness of breath when I try to walk or even when sitting still.

I am anxious.

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