Sunday, February 8, 2015

It Is Hard to Explain

It is hard to explain being chronically ill to someone who has not experienced it. Your entire life changes. You can no longer do things you once did. You decide between one activity instead of several because your stamina is gone. Resting does not restore your body's strength.

Society does not do well with those of us who are chronically ill. Even in places where people should be opening their arms and welcoming you in do you find them avoiding you because they are either afraid they might catch what you have or they have been judging and talking about you behind your back so much they are afraid they might let something slip. I've had experiences with both.

Many become instant doctors ready to say whether they believe you are sick or not. Sad they cannot see the suffering days. I seem to have more suffering days lately.

It is hard to explain to those who just don't get it, but it is worse to explain over and over again to those whom you've known for a long time. You'd think they would have listened and retained some of the knowledge and avoided you having to repeat the same thing over and over again.

Instead you are treated like someone who has the flu. They think once it runs its course, it is all over. How I wish this was the case!

Seldom do people understand no one wants to be sick with an illness or illnesses that rob them of life, of love and enjoyment.

It all comes down to this: people are more concerned with their own lives and just don't take time to "get it."

I find myself frustrated with those whom I have to repeat things to, angry at those who call me friend but never listen or seem to care, and broken hearted from those I come in contact with who just pretend I don't exist. It makes me wish I didn't.

Saturday is Valentine's Day. It is quite special to many who have those who love them. To people like myself, it is sad, empty, and just another day.

So the question remains for someone who is chronically ill, do we continue to dream and hope for the future or accept that this is the way life is?

Random acts of kindness don't have price tags. How I wish more people would share them. What a difference it would make.

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