Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Year New Medical Costs!

It is a new year and with it comes more medical costs. My medications have increased dramatically. I have had one medication turned into two - take one away and replace with two. Twice the expense. 

Even though we have not had a lot of snow this winter, it has been terribly cold. My electric and heat costs have doubled. 

I refill my daily medication dispenser on Wednesdays. Today as I filled the dispenser, I found myself counting out the amount of meds I had left and cutting them in half. When it comes down to paying for your electric, heat, food, medications, you have to choose the ones most flexible. So food and medications get cut. 

Today I cut the cost by cutting the medications. 

I've been sick in bed for four days now. The cold weather has hurt me so much that I cannot sleep, can barely walk, and just can't function. 

Sometimes it is just too stressful to deal with diseases like systemic lupus (plus its "children"). When the stress comes in, the pain intensifies. 

The one thing my rheumatologist told me was to avoid stress at all costs. Unfortunately life doesn't work that way, especially when you are the only one you can depend on. 

Snow is suppose to come in tonight. Along with it comes another dip in temperatures. One extreme to another. It was 50 today and will be in the teens tonight. Extreme weather changes, barometric pressures, etc. cause a lot of physical pain. 

It has become so cold in this apartment that Rascal and Itty Bitty have moved in the bedroom with me. Rascal on one side of the bed and Bitty on the other. We're one big sandwich. All I can say is thank goodness for body heat!

I wonder if I'll be able to endure another winter in Wilmore. Never did I ever dream that the extremely cold weather would put me in bed for months, but it has. Truth is if I had the money, the means, and a place to move, I'd go back to Alabama. It has just been too harsh for me to live in KY. 

Still waiting to hear about my test results from last week. I see the doctor on February 12th. If his diagnosis is correct, another two medications will be added to my list and the cost of a medical procedure (heart cath) will be added to the already unmanageable totals. Stressed? YOU BET!

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