Friday, February 20, 2015

Stupid Doctor Stupid Pharmacy!

I use a mail order pharmacy because it is too difficult for me to walk downtown every time I need to refill my medications. I've never had a problem like this one before.

So the battle of medication continues. I looked at the bottle again. She wrote the prescription for one month. The pharmacy set the prescription as a three month supply. I called them and pointed out they messed up. The problem was doctor never specified one The problem was doctor never specified one or three months on prescription so the pharmacy ASSUMED and put it at three months. I was getting one month of medication for three months. So I made sure they knew how badly they messed up and it took me finding the problem and not customer service (I went through three people). They are sending it out overnight their cost which means I won't get it until next week. Both messed up - doctor (surprise surprise) and pharmacy.

It would not have gone through all of this had it not been for the doctor's office calling me this morning insisting they did the prescription correctly according to the doctor. They insisted she could not request a three month supply. Turns out she was wrong because the pharmacy said this med is not regulated in KY. I was also told this medication does not have withdrawal symptoms (WRONG AGAIN!).

It could not have come at a worse time. Below zero temperatures, snow, upcoming rain, sleet and snow, etc. causes extreme pain in my body. Last night I slept for the first time in three days. With no medication to counteract the pain, I'm suffering. Doctor didn't even offer to call in a few meds just to get me through until the next refill.

I had to solve the problem by myself. If I hadn't discovered the problem, I would have suffered more. This is the problem of being sick. YOU have to make sure everything is covered. YOU have to go behind doctors, pharmacists, etc. just to make sure you are cared for. And the stress is unbearable at times. Stress, physical and emotional, causes lupus flares. Lupus flares cause damage that cannot be repaired.

I've had enough of stress so I try to avoid it (all kinds). When someone causes me undo stress, they literally are making me sick.

So today the doctor (who took an oath to do no harm) did harm. The pharmacy, who is suppose to make sure they get it right, did not get it right. Customer service people who are there to find the issue and fix the problem did not. I did.

I'm tired of bad things hitting me from all sides. Something good must be coming around the corner. I surely need it today!

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