Sunday, March 1, 2015

Winter Woes

Spring is just a few weeks away. Still have snow on the ground here. Still cold. My borrowed heater went back to its owner last week. I am back to wearing a coat and gloves inside. 

A friend said her electric bill is over $300 this month. I am terrified to get mine along with the gas bill. Terrified!! .  Even though my income has not gone up, the cost of living, meds, heat, other utilities, and food have. Not sure I can just juggle food and meds this month.

March is here and another test a week from Tuesday. Afterwards comes a heart cath, return appointments and MORE medication I cannot afford. 

Tired today. Tired of hurting, struggling, surviving. But I go on. One day at a time.

Update - Electric and gas are $200 more than normal. YIKES!

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