Thursday, March 5, 2015


So very thankful for a friend who helped me get to the grocery store Tuesday night. What a difference it makes not to worry about whether there is food in the house during a snow storm.

Yes, indeed, another KY Snowstorm. Tuesday we had rain and 60 degree weather. Temps dropped quickly yesterday and we woke up to snow snow and more snow. Already have 14 inches on the ground. It is still snowing. Our predicted numbers are up to 20 now.

Temperatures are suppose to drop to -1 tonight. Not counting wind chill.

I can't afford the current electric and gas bill. GEESH!!!

Funny thing is temperatures are suppose to rise to mid 50's next week. Maybe we will be on the way to Spring.

This has been a terribly hard winter in Wilmore. With it has come brutal pain and suffering on this lupus body. I'm thankful I don't have to do the chemical stress test this week with the pain already so bad. I'm also so glad I don't have to do the heart cath while it is so cold.

I tried to rake off the front porch with my snow shovel this morning, but the weight of it was just too much. If the mail makes it through today, they will just have to do the best they can here. It is just too much for me to handle.

Little to no sleep the past few days. With temperatures going up and down and the barometric pressure beating up my body, I just can't rest for pain. I hope to curl up and sleep today now that it has decided on one temperature. With a heated mattress pad, sheet, fleece blanket, quilt and electric blanket, I hope the warmth will reduce the inflammation in my joints thanks to the recent lupus flare. I'm exhausted! (Add two cats to the mix of blankets and you get more warmth!) I'm sure worry of paying for the heating bills does not help with stress and the stress is keeping me awake as well.

Not much else can be done around here. Just too cold to move around in the Icebox apartment. I miss my borrowed heater. It worked like a charm.

Suppose to be in the mid 50's next week. Come on spring!

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