Sunday, April 19, 2015

And The Rain Came Down

Wilmore has received a ton of rain the past couple of weeks. Today hasn't been much different. With yesterday being sunny and 80 degrees, it amazes me how quickly it can change on a dime. We're back in the 70's with rain. This week will be temps in the 60's again.

Living in a brick building insulates the sounds outside. Today I had the front door open when the down pour came. Oh the sweet sound of rain! No matter how badly it wreaks havoc on my body, I still love the sound of rain. So soothing. Brings back memories.

I am transported back to childhood where growing up in the country allowed soothing sounds like rain flowing through trees and crickets singing at night. My heart smiles when I think back on those days.

I remember rainy days on Laurel Ave when the cool rains subsided the hot humid temperatures if only for a short time. And when the heavy rain turns to light showers, I remember looking out the window to see a line of birds waiting their turn to jump into the birdbath sitting on the ground near the big bush. The next bird in line pushed the one in the bath out so that he could take a dip. And so it went one bird at a time until the line was gone and every bird had their turn.

Now birds just brave the rain to snatch dry cat food out of the bowl on my porch. They simply don't understand how bad this food is for them and continue to eat until every morsel is gone.

 As quickly as the rains came, they subsided, just like storms in our lives. So hard to see through the black clouds especially when the rain is beating you into the ground. But it eventually stops and only a distant thunder rumbles in the distance. It leaves behind a ray of hope for better days.

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