Friday, April 24, 2015

Medical Associates will MAKE You Sick!

Being chronically sick is bad - sometimes you just don't have a quality of life. You struggle day to day to maintain what you can and accept what you can't. 

The worst part for me is dealing with the individuals who have sworn to do no harm - the medical community. My rheumatologist's office contacted me by letter to let me know she would not be in the office. I had to call and reschedule my appointment. When I did, I found out they had made appointments on two different days. I guess that makes up for the many times they wrote the date on a card, handed it to me and failed to put it in the computer. Wouldn't it be easier to call the patient and reschedule the appointment over the phone instead of wasting paper and postage? 

Since I've been going there it has been a "Laurel and Hardy" experience. Medication refills not called in, refills sent in dosages for one month and filled for three (Not enough medication to get me through three months), wrong dates given, having to explain to the doctor where she wrote the prescription wrong and it takes twenty minutes to sink in. I'm more stressed out when I leave than when I walked in the door. 

Today it was billing from St. Joseph Hospital. They bill my part A insurance and then send me the remaining part of the bill. I have to call them and tell them to submit it through my part B insurance to get the rest covered. Happens every time. Calling them is an experience. You get one person who doesn't have a clue, one who is so rude that they try to make you feel as though it is your fault, and this causes you to have to be tough on the other end. Today I had to inform the man it wasn't my fault the business office can't seem to cover both ends before wasting paper and postage and stressing me out. So I keep a stack of papers from them, all bills sent after part A insurance. This time the bills, came within a week of each other. No time to run it through part B. Just makes me never to want to walk into another hospital again let alone have tests run. 

My mind tries to remind me I'm covered on these bills, insurance will pay. But I immediately go to "I have $15 in the bank. You can't get blood from a turnip!"

Yesterday it was my MD's office. I had filled out a form for a special kind of coverage, sent it to his office with a SASE enclosed for him to return it. I get a call from his nurse. 

"You know this form states if services are not available, placement in a nursing facility or immediate care facility for the intellectually/developmentally disabled shall be appropriate for this member. The doctor wants you to know what the fine print says before he signs it."

"I know. I also know this is for five different areas and I chose one. I don't fall into those categories and the service I chose doesn't either."

"Okay. He just wants you to know." 

While I appreciate him covering this base for me, if he had read the form he would have seen there are other areas covered including adults and children with brain injuries, long term services for those with brain injuries, long term services for intellectual and developmental disabilities. That is what the above statement covers. 

I don't fall into those categories at least not yet, but with the stress medical staff puts on patients it may not be long. 

All he had to do was read. Doctors tend to scan. It is simple common sense. 

Add a third stresser to the list. This isn't medical related, but it was stressful enough. Wednesday I received an automated phone call from a financial institution I did not recognize. They said my debit card had been stolen. I hung up and called my local bank. The person said she had never heard of the company, checked my account and said nothing was wrong. So I stocked it up to scammers.

Wednesday I receive a call from my local bank.

"We have noticed some odd charges on your account. Did you make a payment for ....."


Since the amounts were over $200 they did not go through because of the minuscule amount there. I asked her about the call I received the day before and she said it was the bank's automated warning system. Ok. The day before the woman had no clue. 

They cancelled my debit card and now I have to wait two weeks to get another one. The first person stated she would cancel it and request another. Knowing how things never get done, I called my bank again to make sure it was taken care of. Card was cancelled but other card not ordered. So I ordered it again. It pays to follow up again. 

I will never understand why people think they have a right to take/steal things from others. If someone was in need, I would give them what I had. But don't steal from me. Odd thing is I haven't been out of the house for three weeks. Haven't use my card in that amount of time. Yet it was stolen. This world is unbelievable!

I've experienced the other side of kindness most of my life. What I mean is I've experienced people who steal, lie, take advantage of you, treat you badly. If you put kindness and nastiness on a scale, the second would win out. It has beaten me down over the years. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be able to pull myself up again. 

I'm stressed, frustrated and tired of being bullied as an adult. Childhood and teenage years were bad enough. Life is hard enough without having someone make it harder. 

With stress comes lupus flares. People can literally make me sick and have done so. What is truly sad is when the medical field makes you even sicker. 

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