Saturday, April 18, 2015

When Life Gets Hard

Life has been hard around here the past few weeks. Anyone who suffers from a debilitating disease (plus its additional illnesses added on for good measure) knows how difficult it is just to do simple things like wash dishes, take a shower, dust, etc. It has been extremely difficult to do those things plus many more the past few weeks.

I am a firm believer in the quote "actions speak louder than words." Since there hasn't been much action among people in my life, since I don't have any family to turn to in time of struggle, I just stop. I literally give up and withdraw into myself. It is the only way I know how to handle people who talk a good talk but don't walk it.
Note to Self: If I ever know someone is suffering and cannot get to the medication they need, if I have the means and way of getting it for them, Heaven help me if I don't get it and take it to them. I would have been so thankful to have a bottle of Anbesol in my mailbox this past week when the infection spread from my bad tooth all the way to my ear. If I ever know someone needs something and I do nothing to help, someone remind me of how horrible it is to suffer and be unable to ease the pain. Infection from a bad tooth spreads quickly. It can spread to the heart causing infection there. A friend's niece had infection from bad teeth when she was young. The infection spread to a part of her leg. She had to have surgery. The worst part is suffering in pain and not being able to rest and recover.  Small acts of kindness such as a bottle of tooth numbing medication without the expectation of praise and thank you mean so much. I have been unable to walk across Wilmore to the store. I finally ordered a bottle in the mail. It came yesterday and the pain was eased. It cost an extra $5.00 to ship it.

I've learned God created love in many different ways. His mercies run deep. His creation is great. Even the furriest of His creatures have compassion. When I am so sick I can't sit up in bed, Rascal and Bitty crawl in bed with me. Their comfort comes in reverse petting and sweet purring.

On days and weeks when I suffer the most, they never fail to stand in for the lack of kindness humans fail to share.

It has been a teary week. Yesterday especially. When I turned the corner to walk into my bedroom, I found Rascal curled up on my bed. He was smiling his crazy cat smile. Fifteen minutes later, he was still smiling that smile allowing me to take a photo. I couldn't help but to laugh.

Sometimes four legged friends are by far better than the two legged ones.


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