Saturday, May 23, 2015

Still Sick!

I'm still sick! High blood pressure incident caused a lupus flare (which is typical of any kind of physical or emotional stress). My joints have been so swollen. I've run fever. Have a vasculitis outbreak. The bumps are so itchy and look horrible.

So tired of suffering from this horrible disease. Now with the heat setting in for summer, I will be once again housebound. 

Looks like I'll be anchored here for another summer. It costs a great deal of money to move and I barely have $150. I long to go home. I can't physically bear another winter in KY. It just physically hurts too much. And doing this alone is horrible. 

I need to be close to medical care. Need to be within a few minutes of an ambulance, ER, doctor. I'm not here. My experience with doctors here has been interesting to say the least. I feel as though I've received just that - minimal care. I can't breathe well. I can't function enough to go to the grocery store. I can't take care of day to day things anymore. 

I not only want to go back home, I NEED to go. It will take a miracle to get me there. A UHAUL is not an option this time around because there is no one to drive it. I'll have to get a mover. 

Every day I pray for a miracle. A breakthrough. I still believe in God's miracles and His power far exceeds my ability. I'm in His hands and wait.  

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