Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Today I signed on facebook to yet another negative comment about the Confederate flag. Quite frankly I want to tell everyone to get over it and shut up!

Just for the record, I did an ancestry research project several years ago. Not one of my Alabama ancestors had or were involved with slavery. The fought to protect their small piece of land and their family. The flag represents these men who suffered and died as well. Of course you don't hear that side. I am ashamed of this country for blaming a flag for the evil of one who destroyed so may lives in SC. Did it rid the state's of evil? No. Ask the families of those whose members are shot and killed in Chicago but nothing is said. My parents, their parent and siblings all suffered as tenant farmers. My parents picked cotton until their fingers bled and their backs were destroyed. They never complained. As for the war between the state's goes, the hateful talk degrades those families whose ancestry comes from the south. Remember those of us have feelings as well. Also remember the North also used slavery to their advantage. Do we destroy the American flag as well as their ancestors? I am a southerner  and am just as offended to be told my great great grandfather Emanuel Riley, who died and left a widow and several small children , who fought to protect his small home and land he worked to provide for that family is now among those whose lives are degraded. Think of our families before you spout off hatred.

So why aren't people angry at the constant murders in Chicago where blacks are killing each other? Why aren't people angry at the death of the young woman in California killed by an illegal immigrant? A flag did not "cause" their deaths, yet you rarely hear a word about these murders. 

Most of the people spouting off about this topic are merely showing ignorance. They are repeating what someone else said instead of finding the truth. A flag did not cause the deaths in SC. It does not represent evil. It represents the lives lost in my heritage. 

I'm offended, but it doesn't matter. The only thing that seems to matter comes from people spouting off remarks to stir up trouble. Their basis is empty. 

Words are a dangerous tool. Think before you speak. 

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