Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What A Horrible Day!!

Normally I am thankful just to open my eyes in the morning. But today I awoke with so much pain! All I wanted to do was unzip my body and crawl out! There has been so much rain the past two weeks. So many people lost their homes due to flooding. 

Thankfully I live in a place that does not flood when it rains. 

With the rain setting in, the temps going up and down, and stress from day to day living, I've developed yet another lupus flare. Nothing anyone can do about it. No cure. No treatment available. Just treating the symptoms. The only active treatment I can apply is bed rest. 

I spent a great deal of winter in bed due to flares and attacks on my lungs. Now the summer brings the same fate. Just comes with the territory. 

How I wish I could travel! Just run away somewhere and drop off the face of the earth. Wouldn't change my health situation, but it would help mentally. 

When you're chained to home during extreme seasons, it gets very lonely. I haven't seen another person since last Friday. Some days it is a blessing. I think I'd make a great hermit! Other days it just adds to the stress of being chronically ill. 

At home in Dothan it is in the heat indexes of 112. Truth is here or there the temperatures would have the same effect. The difference is I'd not be alone all of the time. 

I saw a post on facebook today that said, "If I had one sunflower, I'd be happy!" 

Personally love sunflowers, but was unable to plant any this year. Too, I'd be happy with yellow roses - my favorite! 

May I ask a favor? If you are reading this post, please do this one thing for me. In every neighborhood there is at least one person who is alone and sick. They may never see another person. They have no family. Make it a point to visit them, take them some flowers or food, and realize that one day it may be you. Invest in someone who is hurting (pain or depression). Make a difference in a life today. 

It is back to bed for me. My thankful moment today is being able to take a shower. Things I use to take for granted, I cherish. How about you?

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