Friday, August 7, 2015

Just a Thought

August - finally! We're weeks away from summer coming to a close. Thank heavens! This summer has been a battering old fiend to my body. Rain, heat, humidity, drop in temp, start over again. And it has been the worst summer I've seen for fleas! My little girl ran out three times this summer and when I finally caught her, she brought in fleas. I've battled fleas on her, on Rascal and myself for months. Can't wait for the cold air to return and rid us of fleas, flies and mosquitoes.

For the record, Capstar flea pills have been my rescuer. They truly work. Problem is they are so expensive. If I could stock up on these I would do so.

I noticed something the other day. Anyone who knows me knows I've had a difficult time going back to church after working in one (or two). You see things and experience things that you just shouldn't. Either you truly find your faith in God or lose it because of the way people treat you. Thankfully my faith in God strengthened.

I have a hard time wanting to sit in a church service that is arranged for entertainment. Orchestras, repetitious songs shown on the big screen, no hymns, a sermon full of personal stories and jokes with only one mention of the Bible. I can now add one more thing that turns me off of today's church.

More and more people swarm to Bible studies only to spend that time with someone else's workbook or guide book instead of the Bible itself. There are many Christian authors in publication today and the church is turning its teaching to the guidebooks. It all boils down to this: the book is merely their opinions. Everyone has an opinion. These people are earning a living stating and explaining their opinions.

Personally I'd rather do my study straight from God's word. No opinions, no guidebooks, just Him. The living word is just that - living. Every time I read God's word, I learn something new. So why are we as a Christian nation relying so heavily on someone else's opinion?

It isn't for me. As for going to church, I see it as worshipping God. In song, in love, in His word. Simple enough. That is enough for me. Too much world in God's house of worship these days. Sad to say but I just don't feel welcome in what the world calls church when the world seems no different than the church itself.

Life is hard enough being on your own. If I didn't have my faith in God, knowing He is my salvation, my provider, my friend, I would have been lost a long time ago. Thank you, Lord, for loving me when no one else does. When my body has finally passed on, I hope those who truly know me will know I'm with the Lord God Almighty. 

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