Monday, August 10, 2015


Sometimes I wish I had a normal body, a normal life, a normal schedule. But I don't. My body is sick and broken. Things others take for granted, I'm thankful for like sleep. This horrible disease has stolen what this world calls a normal schedule, a normal life.

So when your life becomes "abnormal" according to the world, you have to see yourself in a different light.

What is normal? Who sets those standards? Every person's life is different and the struggles they face in life are different as well. Life is hard. Add illness to it and it becomes harder.

So why do some people enjoy making other's lives so much harder? I wish someone would explain it to me. Don't they know gossip destroys a person's opportunities? If someone hates themselves so badly, why do they have to step on others to make themselves feel good?

Gossip does so much damage. The guilty gossiper goes on about her/his life without a thought to what they said, how much damage it did, and simply does not care. They leave behind them destruction that is beyond repair.

Be careful who you trust. A listening ear comes with a loose tongue. I wish I had learned this lesson early in life, but I've been the object of destruction from a lying, loose tongue. Now I don't say much. Not worth the chance it takes to trust again.

I'd rather be around animals! God's innocent creatures.

Another thing that bugs me is self centered people. You can spot them easily. They're the ones who talk about themselves over and over and over again. I had an aunt like that. Every time she called the house, we'd all run away from the phone. Wish all people would stop thinking of themselves as God's greatest creation and look beyond to those who are around them. Many people struggle every day, but some people are so wrapped up in their own selves they can't see it. What a lost opportunity.

The church is full of this type of people. Entertain me. Listen to me. Find me a spot. Me, me, me, me! I'm so sick of that word. It is filled with people who are so consumed by themselves they don't recognize the pain in lives outside of the building. Don't get me started on "Me" sermons. You can lock yourself in today's church and be just fine. Problem is the place of the church is to train Christians to go out in the world and preach, teach and live the Gospel. I can say I haven't experienced the latter in a long time.

Sometimes I wish people were more kind and caring like they use to be. I long for a time when neighbors checked on each other, when people went to church to worship God and not get entertained or become a place of habit. Whatever happened to people caring about others?

This world is becoming a dangerous place to live, more so each day. If there are no people who care about their neighbors, to take action, to literally live their faith, what will happen to those who are alone, vulnerable, and weak?

Sometimes I wish......but then I realize wishing is a waste of time. So I pray God will open the eyes of those who sit complacently by and do nothing. 

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