Sunday, August 23, 2015

Touch of Fall

Two days ago we had a touch of Fall weather. It was in the 50's at night and 70's during the day. Oh so nice. The heat has returned and today I feel miserable. My doctor's appointment is Thursday. Have a list of problems to share with her. I never expect much when I go to the rheumatologist here. I think she's like the rest - record keepers.

It is almost the end of August - thank you, Lord, for getting me through the worst of the heat!! Thank you for the taste and promise of cooler weather ahead. So looking forward to getting rid of summer!

It has been a long month and as usual I've got too much month and not enough money left for food. Either I don't have enough cat food or people food and this month it hit on both! Today I prayed for food. God has always taken care of me and know He won't let me down. Just keep reminding myself, "Do Not Be Afraid!

Thank you, Lord, for caring for us!

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