Tuesday, September 1, 2015

People are Unbelievable

Never ever go to lex18.com to post an opinion. You will be swallowed with negative bullies. I posted an encouragement to someone from an article I read. Immediately I was bombarded by fools. Instead of taking it, I stood my ground. I believe this world has become too complacent. Too many Christians have become the silent majority not standing up for anything. So I did.

The ignorant people I could overlook, but the Christians who bombarded me with Bible verses were unforgivable. Another reason why I can't stand organized religion. I'm a Christian, believe in God's word, believe in Him. I don't need bullies from both sides of the aisle to bombard me.

Today I learned two things:

1. Adults are worse bullies than children. I can see where their kids get it. Get a clue - you lead by example.

2. If you don't agree with someone, they will stomp you in the ground.

This world is filled with so much bad in it. Today I met a great number of people who live that bad. Explains a lot. Sad thing is no matter what you say, they don't want to hear the truth.

All of it started with "Keep on! Stand by what you believe in!"

How ridiculous!

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