Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Put the window fan in the window tonight. Smells like rain in here. Nice cool breeze coming in. Smells like memories of childhood. Running through the rain and getting soaked to the skin. Good memories of puddle jumping with my fried, Amy, I'd DEcember in KY at Asbury College. Playing and running - something I can no longer do. Today I could barely walk from room to room while using a cane

But for a brief moment I sit up in bed enjoying the sweet smell of rain and cuddling up with good memories Won't have long before the rain turns to snow and bitter cold.  Then the air will reshape and flea, a threat to someone who suffers from lung damage due to lupus. Until the day comes when I can no longer breath, May I go out with the sweet memory of sweet rain and sharp cold clean air running through the last breath I take before I go home to Heaven.

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