Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Ya'll

So glad the temperature has caught up with the month. Nothing better than the cool air. So crisp and clean. Personally hope this is the end of the flea season as summer has been horrible with fleas. I've had to buy flea pills and other treatments to get rid of them. They are expensive and I've had to choose between flea pills and my meds. So if I had a Christmas wish this year, it would be for a big supply of Capstar flea pills for cats. My little escapee ran outside three times this summer and brought in the bugs. I've sprayed the carpet, vacuumed every day, and still fighting these buggers. I gave the last capstar pill to her this morning and she's going nuts with the fleas biting. Will they ever end????

Added to the list of questions I have to ask God when I get to Heaven: What was the purpose of a flea?!?!

Last week was the week of bad things happening. One of the worst was when I picked up Rascal to move him and he stuck his claws in my face. Missed my eye by 14th of an inch. Doctored it at home and the swelling it going down.

Quite frankly some days I'd rather just stay in bed with the covers over my head.  Somedays it would be best.

With the drop in temperatures comes the pain. Went for a blood test yesterday. I could barely hold my cane. My wrist.feels broken even though it is not. Breathing issues have set in with the colder air. I dread this winter.

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