Friday, October 23, 2015

What a Week!

What a week! It seems that anything and everything happened. If it is going to happen, it will happen to me.

Early this morning while returning from the bathroom, I rammed my left foot into a wooden stool. Swollen and bruised, it felt broken on one side. Was able to slide on a sandal today. Glad it wasn't cold (even though I wish it were cooler).

My internet went out three days ago. I never realized how much I depend on the outside contact from the net. Every day I called to check on what was going on. First was given the message that they upgraded their system and an outage occurred. Fine. Next day same story but would be on by 7:00 p.m. Next day same story. I called and asked for a credit for the days I was without service. I also called Time Warner to switch to them. No excuse, Windstream. I'll be saving around $25. Good comes out of a bad situation. 

Then my regular doctor's appointment in Wilmore. Informed him about my rheumatologist experience. Next thing I know they send in a nurse to be my go between with the rheumatologist. She called her, they called me, she called me back. Keep in mind I never asked for any of it.

I was told I HAD to have a rheumatologist due to the nature of my systemic lupus. Fine, I told them to find me another one. They encouraged me to keep the one I had - the one who dismissed me because she didn't think she could do any better for me. Who would trust a doctor like this?!?!

So today I started searching online for another rheumatologist. The other doctor's office said they would be glad to refer me to another one once I found them. I have never ever experienced such things! My doctors back in Alabama would send me to other doctors, but they called and scheduled the appointment. Here I've had to do all the work. Ridiculous.

So it has been stressful and this evening a flare showed up. Fever started spiking. My joints were so swollen I could barely hold a glass or walk across the floor. Headaches so bad I couldn't even rest my head on the pillow.

Some days I wish I could wake up at home, in the country, smelling my mama's cooking, feeling the ahhhh you can only feel when you walk inside the door of your home. I miss it. I miss them.

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