Monday, November 30, 2015

Stress Ride!

Stress is a bad thing for those who suffer with lupus. My former Rheumatologist told me stress would be deadly with an illness like this. So how do you deal with it when the world around you is going crazy? I've been sick since Saturday. This won't help a bit.

Tonight the troubled neighbors who live two doors down from me started a fight in front of my place in the middle of the road. They chased each other in vehicles down the street, one trying to run the other off the street. The fight returned to their front yard with her screaming like an idiot shouting all kinds of foul language. He jumped in his friend's truck (who by the way should  be forced to put a muffler on it) and tore out down the street again. She proceeded to beat his vehicle and her own with a baseball bat. What an idiot!

I called the police at the beginning of this fight when it occurred in the street. After thirty minutes and no police, I called back. I should have known the ditz who took the complaint didn't get it right. So I told her I wanted to talk to the cop. When he finally showed up, I explained what happened. He told me dispatch had reported it as "people yelling at traffic." NOTHING like my report. I told him it was a good thing guns weren't involved or he would be filing a dead body report.

Now Wilmore is a very very small town. Takes only minutes to get to the police station. It took thirty minutes to arrive because a dizt didn't listen to me and reported it wrong. Even though I told them we were at the dead end side, he was at the other end. Scary to think these people are protecting us.

These idiot neighbors moved in a month ago. It wasn't long before her live in boyfriend stabbed her and broke windows and doors. Then she took in another boyfriend - another idiot who things loud boom cars are a great thing and his pants drag past his knees. I would give them no second thought except for the fact she has a young child living in this mess. As long as they are in that apartment, I have a feeling the police will become frequent visitors.

When I was growing up, we called behavior like this as white trash. Now it is known as typical. What a crying shame this world has come to this. Most of the time people like this don't stay long. I'm hoping and praying this is the case. Every week it is the same thing - burning the road in front of my place with his loud boom radio and no muffler junk truck. Hours of this will destroy you. And I wonder why my sleep pattern has been destroyed.

Tonight I had to ask myself, am I in Dothan or Wilmore? Sad to say the cops are faster in Dothan. 

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