Friday, December 11, 2015

No Umf!

No umf! Just no desire to do anything these days. With this crazy weather pattern jumping up and down causing severe pain in my body, the tooth I have suffered with off and on has broken in half, and my spirits are just low.

Weather has a great deal of influence on anyone with lupus. We're like walking barometers. When the pressures change, we hurt. Unusual temperatures soaring up in December (mid 70's by Sunday), lots of rain, then temps bottoming out by the end of next week (high in the 30's) takes a huge toll. Even though it is warmer outside, the apartment is cold. I've tried not to turn on the heat since the bill is so expensive. I'm tired and worn out. Lack of sleep due to stress and pain hasn't helped. I finally bought a bottle of aleve and some sleeping pills just to gain a little rest. With all the medications I have to take, I'm surprised at how wonderfully Aleve works with the pain, especially my back pain.

One of the other physical side affects of having lupus is dental issues. I've lost three teeth, two by breaking off and in time the other piece falling out. Trouble is insurance doesn't cover dental and I have to choose now between food or medication. Dental costs are not an option. But I would give anything to have this broken tooth removed.

I've heard several people say they had no desire to go Christmas shopping this year. Yet if they have families, they have to face the crowds at some point. How I wish they would look around them and see not everyone has a family. Some have no one. Be thankful for who you have.

My spirits are low today. Weather? Maybe. What's going on around us? Most likely. Bad neighborhood? Absolutely. I am amazed at how much my neighborhood has gone down in the past three years.

With Christmas only a couple of weeks off, depression becomes more prevalent, especially to those who have lost loved ones or those who are alone. Please remember someone whose path you may cross could be suffering from loss and just need a smile or a kindness shared with them. Let it be the Christmas gift you share with others. The gift that keeps on giving.

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