Friday, January 8, 2016

A New Year

A new year brings all kinds of change. Saw my rheumatologist this past week. She apologized repeatedly. I reminded her didn't expect miracles from her because I already knew I was in the downward slide of this disease. After much discussion she agreed. As long as she can help me maintain the horrible pain and long list of symptoms, we should be fine. Time will tell.

Until then. I will see another year pass as I turn 55 on January 20. Another reminder of an anniversary of my mama's death on January 18 and her birth on January 25. Mixed emotions.

As a child I never received birthday gifts, cards or even a happy birthday. It was just another day. I guess that's why birthdays don't mean anything to me. Childhood neglect wrapped in horrible memories just doesn't give me reasons to want to celebrate.

Just another day.

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