Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Another Round of Illness

Just that time of year. We've had three rounds of snow since January. This past week has been rain and snow. Woke up with a sinus infection and swollen joints. Also adjusting to new medication doxepin. First two weeks felt like I was in a coma. Now nausea has set in.

Been in bed most of the past two weeks. Winter is no friend to those who suffer from systemic lupus.

I can't believe I've gone through all of my dry and canned cat food. Scraping the bottom. I try to keep the dry food outside full, but a neighbor dog finds the bowl too easily. Poor thing! He's just hungry, too.

Slept through the weekend. So thankful for sleep! The pain has kept me awake for such a long time. Easier to stay warm wrapped in blankets. My electric bill was twice as much this month.

Heading back to bed to warm up. Suppose to get a warm up into the 60's by the end of the week.