Monday, March 21, 2016

Return to Winter

It is Spring, but this weekend you wouldn't know it. Chilly temps always plummet me to lupus flares. Rain, up and down temperatures, stress, you name it. Has been a rough few months. 

The doctor changed my medication by adding another pill. It is so strong I have to take only one. Choice is sleep (and sleep and sleep) or not sleep and have flares. I feel what a hangover must be. My brain is more muddled than ever. 

Chest pains have returned to my world. So today I called the thoracic surgeon's office. It has been two years since my last aneurysm scan. I found out the horrible doctor I had left. Hooray!! But now I have to get use to another new doctor and this one is fresh from his residency. Their procedure is set up tests and appointments and mail them to you. Not sure why a phone call wouldn't help. So I wait. 

I wish there was something good to share with you, but my days have become so dull and listless just like me. Just trying to make it through a day one step at a time. Miss being energetic and busy. Haven't seen those days in a long time. 

Chilly night ahead with a temp of 27 degrees. Kitties all snuggled in and I had to turn on the heat again. Hopefully tomorrow will be different. Hopefully I can do small things like clean off the table or pick up my bedroom. It is the small things I long to do now. 

Don't take the small things for granted!

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